My Salon

My name is Sabrina Kowalewki Perry. I am a Master Stylist and proud owner of Carolina Lashes. My salon is conveniently located in the comforts of my home to make you feel relaxed the moment you walk in the door. My goal is to help you simplify your morning beautification routine. 

My Story

My story began over 5 years ago with a passion for beauty and Lash extensions. Like many of us I spent several minutes on my lashes each morning making them full and thick.  I've always admired the Hollywood stars with their full set of lashes and decided to get my own lash extensions. That was when I was hooked. On the table I asked the lash stylist everything she could tell me about lash extensions. I researched and practiced on my friends and family for a year until I knew I was ready for training with Xtreme lashes.  With my year training and Xtreme I was off and running. Carolina Lashes was opened 2012 and has been a success. It's my customers who make me love what I do each and every day.